The travel industry suffered a massive loss this year through the closure of Thomas Cook, they were held accountable for falling behind the times, failing to keep up with new advancements in holiday booking technology and staying old fashioned in their ways. This is just one of the many speculated reasons Thomas Cook were forced to close. However, if the UK’s biggest travel agent can go into closure you have to question the relevancy of travel agents going into 2020.

A bit about me

My name is Matt, I recently joined Inspire as part of an apprenticeship course. I work in marketing, generally focused on the digital side such as blogs and social media. My passion is marketing, but I’ll admit, coming into Inspire my knowledge on the travel industry was rather lacking. I usually travel on a budget, and I always led to believe booking independent was much easier and cost effective compared to using a travel agent. Now that I’ve got to grips with the industry a bit more and worked closely with Inspire homeworkers, my previous view on them has completely changed and I understand the amazing benefits they offer.

What benefits do travel agents offer?

For one, travel agents take all the hassle of booking away; you tell them where you want to go, what you want to do, your budget, and that’s it – job done! Your travel agent will then set out to find the best deals and suppliers for you. As they have access to such a wide range of suppliers, you have more options of destinations, better pricing through comparing rates and services you would struggle to find should you book independent.

Protecting your holiday

Your holiday will also be protected; registered travel agents have an ATOL number that ensures your holiday is protected should an agent or supplier fail in their services. Now this may have just stuck with me as it hits a personal note; last year I visited Italy for 2 weeks, booked independently and long story short, I nearly had to cancel the entire break as I was unable to find accommodation! Had I booked through a travel agent I wouldn’t have had to endure the stress of last-minute bookings and price comparisons. To me, the idea of telling somebody where you want to travel and leaving them to sort the entirety of the trip (even down to taxis from the airport) sounded extremely beneficial and much less stressful

So why a travel agent over a big-name brand?

You also must remember that homeworkers are people, they’re not just a corporate entity that only functions 9-5. It’s in the name – Personal Travel Agent, they add a personal touch to your holiday booking that no travel agent giant could offer. At Inspire we encourage our homeworkers to go that extra mile for their customers. This could be a personalised message you receive on your holiday or even a hamper of wine waiting in your hotel room. It’s the personal touch that makes the holiday YOURS, something that no travel booking giant could offer.


Essentially, booking through a travel agent offers a completely different experience from the moment you decide you want to travel, to the second you arrive back home. They also provide you with the priceless gift of peace of mind.

What do you think? Would you become a home based travel agent? If you think you have what it takes Get in touch, e-mail or call Ivrie Cohen on 0161 465 6096.