Read about Inspire homeworker stories and get some tips on setting up your very own home based travel business. 

Tips for Working at Home

Working at home – the idea seems so wonderful, being able to complete your workload from the comfort of your own home sounds like the most ideal working environment. But then you see the dishes on the kitchen sink, the ever-growing washing pile and a YouTube video of...

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Joining Homeworking by Inspire as an Experienced Travel Agent

Kelly Howarth of Buckinghamshire based Inspire Travel by Kelly Howarth became an Inspire home based travel agent after many years of experience in the travel industry. Kelly explains how her travel experience has helped her in her role at Homeworking by inspire.    I...

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Becoming a travel agent with no prior experience

Louise Murray of Inspire Travel by Louise Murray has always had a passion for travel, but had never worked in a travel agency before. Read how Louise’s commercial background and entrepreneurial spirit helped her set up her own travel business, with no prior travel...

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Leads Based Homeworking with Family Fund – Llan Travel

Family Fund provides grants to families across the UK with disabled or seriously ill children, to enable them to enjoy a holiday. The Inspire Family Fund homeworking model provides leads to homeworkers, with the option to generate additional business at your own pace....

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Top places for networking for travel homeworkers

You’ve set up your home-based travel agency. With access to an abundance of resources and suppliers, you’re now ready to begin booking holidays all around the world! But customers don’t grow on trees. You need to go and find them yourself which isn’t always the...

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What support do I get as an Inspire homeworker?

What if I told you that travel homeworking is actually a very social business? You probably wouldn’t believe me… the image of a homeworker is often portrayed as a lonely worker being isolated miles from the head office trying to solve problems on their own. Well get...

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Why use a travel agent?

The travel industry suffered a massive loss this year through the closure of Thomas Cook, they were held accountable for falling behind the times, failing to keep up with new advancements in holiday booking technology and staying old fashioned in their ways. This is...

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Travel trends for the roaring 2020s

With the 2010’s drawing to a close, Jo Rowbotham checks out the travel trends for the roaring 2020s with the Inspire homeworkers. I’m looking very much forward to the travel trends for the 2020’s. Will the decadence and innovation of travel from the previous roaring...

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Writing a business plan for travel homeworkers

December is finally here and as the end of the year draws in, it is time to reflect on the past year and write your business plan for 2020. December is Write a Business Plan month after all! There is a business plan for all travel homeworkers, no matter if it is a...

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Home office inspiration for travel homeworkers

Working from home as a self-employed travel agent can be hugely rewarding and financially lucrative. Having the right space to work and run your travel business from can make a real difference to productivity, so you need to consider some essential items alongside...

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