With the 2010’s drawing to a close, Jo Rowbotham checks out the travel trends for the roaring 2020s with the Inspire homeworkers.

I’m looking very much forward to the travel trends for the 2020’s. Will the decadence and innovation of travel from the previous roaring 20s be repeated? We certainly are living in similarly vibrant yet turbulent times!

There is always a hot emerging destination making its way to the top of travellers’ bucket lists. But what is also changing is how we book our travel, what we do there; and who we go with.

I joined the travel industry earlier this year, so thought it would be good to touch base with some of the Inspire travel homeworkers to find out the hottest trends. After all, they are dealing with new travel enquiries every day. And they busted some of my pre-conceptions along the way.

We are travelling in bigger groups

I’ll admit… I don’t see my wider family as often as I should. It does not surprise me that group family breaks to UK and European destinations are increasing in popularity as a chance to get together.

Fiona Howells of Inspire Travel by Bliss has seen an upturn in the number of multigenerational families booking large villas to accommodate over 12 people, with a variety of local attractions and interests to suit everyone nearby.

We’re taking our families to exotic destinations

This one surprised me. Families are taking trips to exotic locations such as the Maldives. I always associated these destinations with honeymooners and couples for a once in a lifetime trip, but Louise Murray proved otherwise.

Greater availability of flights and more family friendly resorts are making these holidays more accessible than ever according to Louise.

We want to indulge in experiences whilst abroad

I personally love experience led holidays and it seems I’m not alone according to Niki Pembroke from the Inspire Travel Solutions team. From hiking trails in New Zealand to music festivals in Europe, ticking off a bucket list of experiences is easier than ever.

I was expecting this growth to be driven by millennials seeking Insta-worthy photos to share with their followers. Turns out, it has much broader appeal… from retired couples with time and disposable income; to couples, families and groups of friends seeking an adventure to bond together.

Service just got more personal

A lot of people, like me, are time poor. I have a very busy work and family life and don’t really have the time to trawl travel booking sites to find the perfect travel deal. On top of that, travel plans are becoming more complex.

One of the main benefits of booking travel with a home based travel agent is the customised service and knowledge of every last detail of the booking.

Financial protection is essential

2019 was a big year for travel. Travellers are more aware than ever of how their holidays are protected and are demanding financial reassurance. ABTA and ATOL bonding; alongside travel agent customer service if things don’t go to plan, are instilling confidence.

Homeworking is even more credible

Travel homeworking shows no signs of slowing down. Having worked at Inspire a few months now, I have seen the company experiencing increased enquiries from seasoned travel professionals looking for an alternative to working on the high street.

What are your travel trend predictions?

That’s six trends around where, who and what we do with our travel, coupled with the how’s of how we book. I’ll reflect back in a year, maybe even five or ten years to see how much of this is accurate…

Do you agree with these trends?

It is always good to hear your opinion. If you too would like to be involved in these trends as a travel homeworker. Get in touch, e-mail or call Ivrie Cohen on 0161 465 6096.