Career breaks happen for all kinds of reasons, from starting a family to trying a different career path. The lure to return to the exciting travel industry is often strong, but if you have a gap in your CV, where do you start to get back into travel?

The good news is, the travel industry is like riding a bike – you never forget the basics. Employers in the travel industry are looking for people just like you, who they can update with the latest popular product trends, technology and ways of selling holidays and travel.

Keep in touch with the travel industry whilst you are away

If you are at the start of a planned break in travel, keep in touch with the industry. Follow publications and social media groups to keep in the loop. If you have been away from the industry and have suddenly decided to return, the same publications and social media groups are a great reference point to getting up to speed with what is happening in the industry.

Preparing your CV to return to the travel industry

You will need a CV apply for travel jobs. The CV is a summary of your skills and career to date; and is often the foot in the door for the next step: shortlist of interview. If you have been working in another sector whilst away from travel, remember to include the skills you used in that role which are useful to travel, such as attention to detail, negotiation, customer service and organisation

Some employers also use an application form, so be prepared for questions about why you want to return to travel and what you can offer to that employer.

Applying for travel jobs

Job boards and travel magazine adverts are the obvious first port of call, but did you know about the hidden job market? The jobs that are not advertised. Joining travel groups on Facebook, or raising your profile on LinkedIn are both useful to making employers aware that you are available. Never forget the importance of face to face networking too at travel industry events.

Consider travel homeworking opportunities

Your return to travel may also require a change in working patterns. Fitting a job around childcare or other commitments may be difficult in a traditional retail environment, which has shift patterns including evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Homeworking offers the opportunity to work when and where you want to, in line with the clients’ needs and your other commitments.

Interviewing for a travel industry job

Before attending the interview, prepare thoroughly. Research the company: good places to look are the about us section and the news / blog page on the website. Work on your skills too, remember to think of some good examples to demonstrate how you used those skills using the CAR – Context – Action – Result.  Finally, think of some questions to ask the employer, this will show that you are interested in learning more about the job opportunity on offer.

Accepting the offer of a travel job

If all goes to plan, you should receive a job offer. Congratulations! Accept the offer within 24 hours, or aim to negotiate in this timeframe.  Don’t timewaste: at best your opportunity to join a training date is missed; or at worst the job offer is withdrawn.

Final tip, don’t accept a counter offer from your current employer. Something has made you look to return to travel and the likelihood is, that if you do accept the counter offer, you will be back in the market for travel jobs within a few months.

Returning to travel should be easy with the right approach and preparation. For more information about returning to the travel industry through homeworking opportunities with Inspire, have a chat with Ivrie Cohen on 0161 465 6069. You can also e-mail him or get in touch with us.