So you have made the decision to set up your very own home based travel business – brilliant the excitement starts here…… but that’s only the first step, now you need to decide which company to go on this fantastic adventure with.

There is a wide choice of travel homeworking companies out there some well-known brands, some just as well established but maybe not with a name you have heard before and that could be exactly what you’re looking for.  Research is key in this instance, don’t be afraid to speak to a couple to help you decide.

I’ve always said who you choose as a company to partner with is a personal decision, it’s not a one size fits all scenario as what one offers may not be important to you just because it is to someone else. Each offer their own way of working, training and supporting their homeworkers and you need to think about where you do want support from the team at head office to help YOU.

Not every model suits everyone. So don’t be afraid of making a choice with your heart as much as your head. Choose the right fit for you and your home based travel business can be rewarding, financially lucrative and more. Choose the wrong one and it could be the total opposite.

So why should you add Inspire to your list of travel homeworking companies to consider?

The Inspire travel homeworker business model

Here at Inspire, we believe that your new business should have no monthly fees. The initial sign up fee is just £500, to cover the cost of a three day training course and certain equipment needed to run your business. A second fee of £500, payable after six months, however if you achieve a certain value in sales, we will waive this.

The Inspire travel product package

Inspire Homeworkers have access to holidays from over 200 suppliers of city breaks, luxury and long haul holidays, cruise, ski, staycations, flights, hotels and much more. This means that the Inspire Homeworker can service all of their clients’ holiday needs whether it’s a night away in the UK to a round the world cruise. So whatever the enquiry you get you should be able to fulfil it.

Becoming a home based travel agent – entry routes

We love to hear from applications with previous travel industry background, however it is not always essential. If you have prior experience involving marketing, sales, product management, or running a business, we believe you can be successful as a travel homeworker too.  Take a chance and contact us. Even if you feel you don’t have the right experience, you could be surprised what transferable skills you have.

The Inspire travel homeworker support team

Last but not least, Inspire supports all homeworkers travel businesses on an individual basis, we focus on what you need for your business. That could be specialist marketing, sales, product and networking support it’s all available and at no extra cost to you.

Our company culture

In our opinion there is nowhere else like Inspire Travel. The company is well respected and award winning, having been in the travel business over 15 years coupled with a sense of humour. Don’t take our work for it though, get in touch and find out if we are the place for you to build your travel business.

To find out how Inspire travel homeworking can work for you, e-mail me, Ivrie Cohen, or get in touch.

Even better pick up the phone, I love to chat! 0161 465 6096